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Anderson Teak

Wall Mount Folding Chair II

Wall Mount Folding Chair II

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The perfect teak wall mount for the shower, sauna, boat, or other small space area, this Wall Mount Folding Chair folds out when you need to and folds back closed when you don’t. Made from Genuine Premium Grade-A Teak and stainless steel brackets, it is sanded smooth without any finish, making it the perfect material for wet, damp, or other moisture related conditions. With a max load of 500 pounds, this accessory and chair is perfect for placing items and sitting; Stainless steel wall brackets click lock securely when in use.
          Product: Wall Mount Folding Chair II
            SKU #: CHF-461WS
     Dimension: 18″W 14″D 7.5″H
           Weight: 12 lbs
         Material: A-Grade Teak Solid Wood with polished stainless steel bracket
       Finishing: Natural Finish
      Assembly: No Assembly Required

   – Ideal for small spaces such as café, restaurant, balcony, sauna room, shower and ship
   – Folds flat for saving space.
   – Max load: 500 lbs
   – Folding chair equipped with automatic lock bracket for safety reason when flap in open position.  Press lever to release the lock.
   – Perfect for outdoor or indoor use.
   – Comes in fully assemble.
   – Kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content to prevent product from shrinking & cracking.

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